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Commercial Movers Company

Affordable Office Movers

An industry leader in commercial moving Flat Fee movers is ready to cater to your office moving needs at a competitive price!!!
If you want professional moving company assistance in relocating your commercial business or office, then Flat Fee Movers is your best option in the United States.

The commercial movers staff are well equipped with training and experience to serve all business companies, irrespective of its size. With years of experience in the moving storage industry, Flat fee movers have been the first preference for many commercial business when it comes to moving their equipment and belongings. Be it a small start-up or a giant business company; there is enough manpower to cater to your packing and office moving needs immediately.

The New York based moving company has an excellent transport facility with the latest equipment and fantastic customer service makes us unique from the competitors.

Why Do You Need Commercial Moving

The commercial moving services are specifically designed to deliver excellent service and smooth moving experience with minimal downtime. Once you contact us for a FREE quote, we will usually ask for such details and also for validation purposes:

  • We get the details of your office move like location and destination, etc.
  • Prepare a list of items to be moved and get your approval.
  • Create a plan for the move including how to handle documents, packing requirements, etc.
  • Prepare a quote and provide you an estimate of the cost involved.
  • Move ahead with the plan post client approval on the plan and the cost.

Flexible Commercial Moving Company For Your Business

Following a structured pattern of commercial and office moves is the highlight of the service provided by Flat Fee’s Commercial Movers:

  • Coordinating with your team of professionals.
  • Removing the connection of electronic equipment with specialists to ensure proper removal.
  • Packing and labeling.
  • Specialized equipment to move oversized items.
  • Dedicated special trucks and climate-controlled vans to handle high-value electronics, sensitive items, etc.
  • Unpacking and reinstallation.

There are various services available to cater the specific or total needs of a corporate client. You can either choose only to transport the items or choose the full package that includes packing, unpacking.

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What Does Commercial Moving Covers?

Coordinate with the world’s best business movers who are capable of moving your office belongings within a short span of time.

Office furniture.
Software labs.
Racks and components.
Oversized items.
Conference rooms.
Data centers.
Electrical items.
Factory Moving
Other general office equipment

Call us for a free quote for any commercial moving storage services – Phone: 941-202-5554

Why Choose Flat Fee Commercial Movers

Looking for a high-quality service tailored to meet the unique requirements of your commercial moving or office move? Then Flat Fee is your holistic solution.

A wide range of solutions for corporate customers.
Stamped as branded movers who can serve you better at your stressful times.
Efficient and cost-effective commercial movers.
With the latest equipment and transport facilities, move your office with less downtime. So there is no loss of productivity.
Choose the schedule according to your convenience.
Professional staff who pay attention to detail when handling confidential and sensitive documents/ equipment.
Choose add-on services like packing, unpacking, storage facilities; recycle program, etc as per your need.

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Long Distance Commercial Moving

Aside from being a local moving company based in the state of New York, we also move other areas outside the state. Whether you are going in or outside New York, We are the right company for the job.

Our commercial transportation and relocation services extend to areas such as Kentucky, Colorado, Tennessee, Minnesota, California, Louisiana, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, Arkansas, Georgia, the rest of the United States, and foreign countries included.

We highly recommend giving our customer service a call to inquire about outside country commercial moves so they can assist with correct pricing at tax costs.

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