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Moving and Self Storage is not just about relocating your belongings from one place to another. It is slightly more than that. Sometimes you need to get your destination fitted to accept some of your belongings or you might be arriving slightly later to receive your belongings. Whatever be the case, you need to place your personal belongings safely and with utmost care in a place until you can get it delivered.

All your moving and storage needs to be solved in a single place @ Flat Fee movers.

The need of a storage facility could be resulting from various reasons. At Flat fee movers, they offer you an estimate, for both moving and self-storage facilities, once the items are taken into account. At Flat fee movers, you can take the advantage of both portable and the normal self-storage unit based on your requirement and the need of the hour.

Do you have official records and documents or other fragile instruments that require an Air Conditioned moving and self storage facility? Or are you looking for the well-maintained drive up storage units? Well, enlist the help of Flat Fee movers to enjoy any kind of storage units, specifically designed to keep your things safe from the forces of nature, for both long and short terms.

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Ready for Moving and Self Storage?

The (Air conditioned and Drive up) storage units from Flat fee movers provide you with

  • Clean and safe containers to ensure that your belongings are completely protected.
  • Wide driveways so that it is easy for you to access your storage without having to worry about bringing the truck in or carrying the belongings by hand.
  • Monitored and very controlled temperature so that there is the right amount of humidity, specifically to match with the humid conditions in the state of New York.
  • All the units are placed at ground level so that you can reach them with ease and move them.
  • If required, you can also avail additional items like curtain rods or clothing rods and shelves.
  • Well trained managers on the storage locations to take care of your belongings.
  • Secure premises with electronic gates and a completely fenced compound to ensure better protection of your belongings.

Why should you choose Flat fee Moving and Self Storage?

You might have many reasons for needed Moving and self storage after availing a storage facility. Irrespective of what the reason is, the Flat Fee movers provide you unmatched storage space with the best facilities and protection at an affordable price for all. Combine it with the fact that you can avail the moving services, you have a holistic solution for relocation at your hands from a single place – the Flat fee movers.

Are you worried on how you will store your boats? Dont be this also is part of the Moving and Self Storage services provided by moving companies. If you need moving and self storage give us a call.

Well, with Flat fee movers, you can store away your cars, RV’s and boats without endangering them. The movers are well trained to handle every item with utmost care and attention they deserve.

With moving and self storage provided by a reliable company, you have the easiest and the most convenient way for relocating.

Enjoy the perks of the best moving and storage unit with Flat Fee movers!

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