Piano Movers in Brooklyn, New York

If there’s one thing about moving we know best, it’s how heavy and bulky pianos are to move. Leave it up to us if you need your piano relocated! Thankfully Flat Fee Movers are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for moving these large instruments without damaging them or ourselves in the process.

There are few things in life more sentimental than the sound of a piano. It’s no wonder, then, that pianos can be expensive and delicate instruments to move as well! We understand this and we do everything possible throughout our process to uphold your instrument's safety by putting it on its own wheeled cart or using straps for extra precaution if need-be. Our team is also professionally trained with all types of moving needs because whether you have an upright, grand upright or anything else -- we move them all!

Why Choose Our Piano Moving Company in Brooklyn

We hire only the best piano movers, who have worked with us for years and know how to handle any size or shape of a grand piano. They will pad your precious instrument from top to bottom so it arrives in perfect condition at its destination. Our pianos are always protected by stretch wrap before being loaded onto our trucks-it's like they're wearing Spanx!

  • We have the tools and expertise to move your piano.

  • We can do it in one day.

  • You'll be able to sleep easier knowing that your piano is safe.

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Piano

In Brooklyn, we offer piano moving services at affordable prices. Piano moves are priced based on each independently owned and operated location so be sure to contact a representative at our nearest branch for more information and discounts!


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